6 simple ways to engage your employees for free

.. and how to implement it


Don’t assume this has to be financial, a simple thank you for work well done or acknowledgement when somebody goes above and beyond. It can mean so so much!

Know your team

Everybody within your team will be motivated and ultimately engaged in different ways, using blanket methods will not work. Change your approach depending on the individual employee, recognise what each individual employee values.

For one employee this could mean taking the time to have a chat with them about their hobbies, for another it could mean planning their career development.


Always have an open door policy throughout the business, try and ensure your managers are approachable. Create regular forums for communication including regular team meetings, office meetings, individual meetings.

Ensure employees are aware that they don’t have to wait for these meetings to speak with you or any other member of the management team. Encourage employees to be open with you so that issues can be dealt with in an effective and timely manner.


You can only build an environment of trust within your team if you are honest with them; always be as open and honest as possible.

Celebrate people

Be this an achievement inside or outside of work. Congratulate them!

Mention their name in that week’s internal mailer and at the team meeting. Make a fuss, they have probably worked very hard to pass that exam or deliver that outstanding presentation to a client.

Empower your people

Let your employees make decisions appropriate to the level in which they work at. In fact, why not ask for their input in making decision above their pay grade?

Some of the best business decisions have come out of consulting with wider audiences for ideas.


Author: Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts

Paul is the founder of Nomify, and likes to contribute ways to help you recognise your employees, improve well-being and worklife balance.